Timbuktu: a city of mysteries

I have held an 800 year old book in my hand. Do you know what that means? This is insanity! To think that pages can survive in these conditions for so long. This happened at the Ahmed Baba Center which is the major government run institute dedicated to the preservation and study of the numerous famed manuscripts of Timbuktu. The old center is a small cluster of sand colored buildings located close to the main hospital of Timbuktu complete with …  ( continue reading

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Hearing myself think

Somewhere in the world it’s Independence Day and the American in me is a little bit homesick for fireworks and festivities, barbecued chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs. Even the garish displays of patriotism that, in the US, make me more annoyed than anything else. So if for nothing else than to acknowledge that I am a man of many worlds I’ll throw a hearty U-S-A out for the peoples across the ocean. So Timbuktu: It’s been an exhausting few days, getting …  ( continue reading

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Is Timbuktu even a real place?

It’s the day before I’m supposed to leave and I’m horrendously sick – as my seventh grade history teacher put it, kneeling before or sitting on the porcelain throne. I’m not exactly sure what did it, but it hasn’t been pleasant and it makes me wonder whether or not I should actually go. I could postpone the trip, but I’ve been looking forward to this for so long that such a thing would be devastating. The tickets are in hand, …  ( continue reading

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