Phantoms of World Cups past

The lead up to the tenth staging of the FIFA World Cup, 13 June – 7 July, 1974 West Germany Twenty-four African countries entered the qualification process. On 19 August 1973 Zaire beat Ghana with a 4-2 goal aggregate and qualified for the World Cup. President Mobutu sent the presidential plane to bring the team home, to accolade and song and houses and cars. The tenth staging of the World Cup Group 2 Leopards (Zaire) Scotland Yugoslavia Brazil The first …  ( continue reading

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In the beginning

In the beginning…. The artist is the gentle sound and music rennaisance man, technical guru, Fofo Kaje. He took ambient sounds from my wanderings, conversations and encounters, blended them, and then composed a song for the vision (in two days.) Here it is; Mouvement de Kin (Kin vibe), and the song made for the Kinshasa Pilgrimage titled Tango ekoki. 2010 World Cup Pilgrim | Mutterings from Kinshasa | Protestation—When I think football, I see Rugby…and Water polo | Anyway…. Whatever …  ( continue reading

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  • Yvonne Owuor