Elections in Hargeisa

There are swathes of colour everywhere, from the hotel lobby to the streets to the market place to the campaign trail. The dirac dress flows and sways, boasting its kaleidoscopic colours. I have seen about two ugly Somali women. Only. No wonder they have to hide their beauty under the hijab. The party flags waving and walls painted yellow and green do their best to camouflage the greyish beige sandy dust. Everyone I’ve talked to is excited about the vote. …  ( continue reading

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First impressions: Lamu’s Big Sister

Hargeisa should be called the City of Light. The sun…off bright yellow sand is blinding. A stiff wind blows the women’s black abayas. I too wear a long skirt, headscarf and a demure expression. If Lamu had wide streets crowded with four-wheel-drives and fruit stands…with mini-mountains of watermelon, it would be Hargeisa’s little sister. I have never eaten [goat] meat as succulent… I can’t wait for the camel meat.  ( continue reading

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  • Doreen Baingana