World Cup 419

With the shocking and unexpected loss of these contries, in the World Cup, this money can not be used for any other purpose than bonus, but the players have not earned the bonus. Therefore, the money will remain there. (seventy million pounds total ONLY). This is not small money. Please I want to collect this deposit on my behalf and disburse thus 30% of the total amount among the Earthquake Victims in Chile and Haiti, economic crisis in California, oil …  ( continue reading

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Pilgrimages Radio: a conversation with SABC

Listen as Tom Burke of the Chinua Achebe center for African Writing and pilgrims Billy Kahora (Angola) and Nicole Turner (Nairobi) talk to SABC radio about how they see the project. In English and Xhosa.  ( continue reading

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The Vuvuzelization of world football

The vuvuzela, much like Ghana’s Black Stars, has beaten odds to become more than a cheering instrument. It has now attained the status of an African metaphor for the unacknowledged ways in which Africa determines particular discourses at the global level. read more  ( continue reading

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How to write about Africa: a response

 ( continue reading

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Africa Without Borders

It has been a dramatic weekend for me. By my calculation and the careful planning of the Chimurenga team l should right now be in Durban at the Ugu festival of Maskanda. Thus when l arrived in Lagos Thursday morning l did not bother unpacking, l simply sent my passport to the SA embassy in Lagos for a visa. Anyone who knows the first thing about getting a South African visa must wonder what sort of road side drugs l …  ( continue reading

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Unhappy families

What, or who, are the men of the big footballing powers of Europe playing for when they take the field? What does it mean to be Italian or French or English in the summer of 2010? That little bit of heart and inspiration that wins teams games: where will it come from? read more  ( continue reading

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Ghetto Radio: Meltdowns ya Rooney na Anelka

Mwafrika, Rapcha and Qoachez of Kenya’s Ghetto Radio turn their attention to the behavior of Wayne Rooney and Nicolas Anelka as well as last week’s matches involving Ghana and Cameroon.  ( continue reading

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Doreen Baingana’s pilgrimage featured in Somaliland Press

Pilgrimages has received coverage from Somaliland’s main newspaper, the Somaliland Press. Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland is the destination of Doreen Baingana who arrived this week. According to the newspaper’s web site Doreen will visit “Somaliland writers, poets, playwrights and artists. She will also hold question and answer sessions with student and reader clubs and tour heritage sites.” Read more  ( continue reading

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Where are Africa’s playmakers?

Twelve matches, seven losses, four ties, one win. So much for the African world cup. Despite home advantage and the dismal performances of so-called big teams like France and England, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana have not shown signs of seizing an opportunity to get beyond the quarter finals. The results—it is not certain any African team will reach the round of 16– show the African game to be in disarray. The rest of the footballing world, Asia and smaller European …  ( continue reading

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Ni Wakati to premier at Frisco’s Black Film Festival

A Kenyan film directed by Michael Wanguhu will premiere at San Francisco’s Black Film Festival on June 19, 2010. In Ni Wakati, which means It’s Time in kiSwahili, M1 (dead prez) and Umi (P.O.W.) travel to East Africa with the aim of introducing Africa’s rich diversity to the world. They connect with Ukoofulani Mau Mau a revolutionary youth movement of artists in the Dandora slum in Nairobi. They share music, food and culture as they break mistaken myths about Africa. Later, …  ( continue reading

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