Ghetto radio: The sheng perspective


Listen as Mwafrika, Rapcha and qoachez of Kenya’s Ghetto radio offer humourous analyses of upcoming World Cup matches involving African teams, with predictions for Japan versus Cameroon and Portugal versus Ivory Coast.  ( continue reading

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Ballin’: Sex and the World Cup


Just how much sex—and with whom—should the players have during the month-long World Cup tournament? read more  ( continue reading

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Pilgrimages gets some Afri-love


Blogger Afri-love (aka Lulu) has added her own twist to the Pilgrimages Project. The U.K.-based designer created 13 graphic illustrations that capture the essence of each city. You can find all 13 of the illustrations here on her blog.  ( continue reading

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The Soccer War: Football and politricks redux……


The Soccer war: El Salvador vs.  Honduras Named after three hard fought World Cup qualifying matches in 1969 that were the spark that facilitated the violence, this war was a bloody reminder that the implications of a sporting event can reach far beyond the field.    Read more  ( continue reading

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Laurent Dubois joins Pilgrimages as a contributor

Laurent Dubois

Laurent Dubois will be in South Africa following the fortunes of France Laurent will write here about the divided loyalties of Haitian football fans as well as two of the country’s most revered footballing sons.  Laurent,  a professor of History and Romance Studies at Duke University has written about the French Antilles, immigration and French Football.     His book,  Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France, has just  been published. His blog posts can be read …  ( continue reading

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Achille Mbembe on getting the most out of the World Cup

Lameck Nyagudi, On the Square

Hardly anyone is asking questions about citizens’ or popular participation – an ingredient without which there has not been, in recent memory, any successful such event. Not much is done in terms of bringing the event to the communities. Public information about the road map to the Cup itself is still found wanting  ( continue reading

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Funmi Iyanda joins Pilgrimages in Durban.


Funmi Ayanda does eThekwini Funmi Ayanda, Nigeria’s answer to Oprah Winfrey, has joined the Pilgrimages project. Funmi will travel to Durban as a blogger/woman about town, bringing her media experience and soccer knowledge to eThekwini for one week. Yvette Dunn of the Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design  will play host and guide to Funmi in Durban.  Catch Funmi’s blogs and videos  ( continue reading

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