I’m afraid I don’t speak Vuvuzela

I see yellow M’s swimming through the irises of the game sated.

Marketing gurus and tax consultants are applying rational statistical analysis to measure irrational concepts like national unity and optimism. They say that 30 days of national euphoria can change a country forever. They speak about rebranding the country as a spinoff – in the absence of any tangible benefits.
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Cape Town keeps it clean

We are supposed to feel lucky to be hosting this world cup, to be spending millions on stadiums that will stand empty and unloved once the cup flow is over. Few South Africans can afford tickets to the games and the swarms of tourists and the money they’ll pump into our communities, have simply not materialised. What has happened is that our city centre has been “cleaned”. For weeks now the poor, homeless, the street hustling whores and begging street …  ( continue reading

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  • Nicole Turner