Bahia De Tous Les Orishas

Jeudi 1 Juillet 2010 : veille de la fête nationale Il n’est pas de région dans le Nouveau Monde où le mot Afrique résonne avec autant de force que la baie de Salvador de Bahia. Si les mots ‘émotion’, ‘fusion’ ou ‘effusion’ ont encore un sens, c’est ici à Salvador qu’il faut venir les éprouver avec toute leur acuité. Bien sûr, les Bahianais supportent les Black Stars du Ghana juste après la Seleçao. Ils ont tout le mal du monde …  ( continue reading

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Elections in Hargeisa

There are swathes of colour everywhere, from the hotel lobby to the streets to the market place to the campaign trail. The dirac dress flows and sways, boasting its kaleidoscopic colours. I have seen about two ugly Somali women. Only. No wonder they have to hide their beauty under the hijab. The party flags waving and walls painted yellow and green do their best to camouflage the greyish beige sandy dust. Everyone I’ve talked to is excited about the vote. …  ( continue reading

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Pilgrimages video: Black Star-The People’s Game

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Sao Paulo

Dimanche 5 juillet 2010 Je suis arrivé à Sao Paulo en fin d’après-midi pour trois jours. Je débarque de Salvador de Bahia où j’étais immergé dans la culture afro-brésilienne. Détente, rires, alegria. Plats divins, lourdement africains. Je vous en reparlerai de tout cela car je dois écrire un récit non fiction sur Salvador de Bahia et sur les racines africaines des Brésiliens en général dans le cadre de PILMGRAGES, un projet artistique panafricain des plus précieux. S’il est une chose …  ( continue reading

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Of Prejudice

I watched them storm onto the plane in a riot of colours and sounds. There was a powerful physicality about their presence, not only in the size of their bodies but in the piercings, the wild colourful clothing, and the hair. One head had a cheek with a blond braid attached to the ebony skin, another had a waist length jumble of dreadlocks piled high of the crown of a head right at the edge of his bald patch. They …  ( continue reading

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For Chris Akunda

The light is brittle from the floodlights, the night colder than any African night should be, the Vuvuzelas are blaring at full volume, and Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg is a riot of color as the fans arrive giving the stands the look of a bedazzled sweater. The game is the US versus Slovenia and the South African fans are torn between supporting the USA, who they love and Slovenia who are the underdogs in the game. Seated in the …  ( continue reading

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Pilgrimages Radio: a conversation with SABC

Listen as Tom Burke of the Chinua Achebe center for African Writing and pilgrims Billy Kahora (Angola) and Nicole Turner (Nairobi) talk to SABC radio about how they see the project. In English and Xhosa.  ( continue reading

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The Ugly game

Because of a lack of atmosphere I have not been following the games here in America, but of course I heard that Ghana (aka “Africa”) won over the U.S., in the context of, “isn’t it incredible that an African team beat a superpower?” As if the superpower were using its weapons of mass destruction to win the game. I have been reading news articles about the game, and who’s in and who’s out. I was surprised to read how the …  ( continue reading

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The Vuvuzelization of world football

The vuvuzela, much like Ghana’s Black Stars, has beaten odds to become more than a cheering instrument. It has now attained the status of an African metaphor for the unacknowledged ways in which Africa determines particular discourses at the global level. read more  ( continue reading

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Ayiti Blogs: II

Nan Boston jounen kite 18/06/2010 la nan anbyans ak anpil kè kontan fanatik Etazini kite kontan anpil pou bèl rankont Etazini ak Sloveni kote ke Sloveni ta mennen -2 a zewo sou ekip Etazini sa pat anpeche Etazini ak anpil resous lite genyen nan dezyèm mitan mach foutbòl la te egalize 2-a-2 moun kap viv nan Boston sitou Ayisyen kontan anpil paske yo gen san pa yo kap jwe pou ekip Etazini an kise Altidò. Daprè moun ki renmen foutbòl …  ( continue reading

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