First impressions: Lamu’s Big Sister

Hargeisa should be called the City of Light. The sun…off bright yellow sand is blinding. A stiff wind blows the women’s black abayas. I too wear a long skirt, headscarf and a demure expression.

If Lamu had wide streets crowded with four-wheel-drives and fruit stands…with mini-mountains of watermelon, it would be Hargeisa’s little sister.

I have never eaten [goat] meat as succulent… I can’t wait for the camel meat.

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One Response to First impressions: Lamu’s Big Sister

  1. hi doreen,

    Funny, I was in Hargeisa not 2 weeks ago, and this weekend I was in SV, and of course missed you. I hope you are inspired by Hargeisa. It gets me every time!