Guest book

  1. Hi – I’m trying to get hold of Nicole Turner (who is featured on this site), but email bounced back from info/ pilgrimages address. I’ve got some work which could suit Nicole – if you’ve got her address please advise.

    Kate Whitehead
  2. Does anyone have the contacts for Kojo Laing? I want to send him a copy of my new book, “Africa’s Embrace.” I am sure that he will enjoy my novel as it is set in West Africa and tells an Africa story largely based on my early years in Africa. I have more books to come that utilize my over 43 years of kicking around almost every corner of Africa. Thanks, Naaba Toega in Ouagadougou

    Mark Wentling (Chief Baobab)
  3. This is a very promising idea. Do you have plans to include writers from the rest of the African continent who express themselves in Portuguese or French? I’m sure many of them can write in English. So far most of your contributors come from countries where the official language is English and mainly publish in English. Just a suggestion…

    Yara Lima
  4. I like the concept. Nice. The write-ups here too are really interesting and the diverse points of view give it an exciting outlook – its like we are looking at the round leather game from different angles.
    Too bad Africa didn’t get the Holy Grail… Ha! It exists and we would conquer some day. Nice one. Well done, S’

    Su'eddie Agema
  5. Interesting Concept. Africa’s spirit is a bit dampened with most of our countries doing poorly, but Ghana holds some hope for the continent. I hope you put the experiences of these writers into a book that will embody the spirit of this world cup.

    Faridah Ibrahim
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  7. I discovered this marvellous site through a djibouti born writer. Mr WABERI. I would like to add my contributions through the yearly pilgrimage we are organizing in Benin since OUIDAH’92. Every 10th of January, Benin welcomes thousand of people from worldwide to step on the cradle land of Vodou. To be a part of it, please contact sepectourisme [at]yahoo[dot]com.

  8. I am thrilled and excited about the findings and stories these very talented and gifted writers are crafting and telling. I am especially proud of my dear friend Akenji Ndumu in Abidjan. This project makes me delighted!

    Sophia Lafontant
  9. It’s very pleasing to know our very own Funmi Iyanda is a part of this very enormous project. Thumbs up to you Funmi Iyanda and the ret of the crew in other parts of the continent.
    Alan is sure welcomed in Nigeria and is promised of definitely enjoying the experience.

    See yáll at the end of the pilgrimage.


    'Seun johnson
  10. who no know go know.

    Ghetoo Banker
  11. The website looks great!

    J. Bryant
  12. Yes, I am also pleased to learn of your writing project during the World Cup.

    Itibari M. Zulu
  13. So happy to be supporting this brilliant project and these exciting literary adventures from London during the World Cup.

    Lizzy Attree
  14. the first essential reading this World Cup — it looks brilliant. I love the claiming of the last World Cup finalists for the Caribbean!

    Philip Gwyn Jones, Publisher, Granta/Portobello Books
  15. This is a novel and important project. I can’t wait to read the findings. Good job Binyavanga and co!

    Ehui Adovor
  16. Fantastic! I will definitely be following the blog.

    Maria Elena Montero
  17. Super idea. Looking forward to following the process and seeing where it all leads. Resonated strongly with something I’ve been thinking about/working on. I’ve written more about it here: You might enjoy the 13 city illustrations too.

    Lulu Kitololo
  18. Great initiative, kudos to the organizers. I’ll be checking out the blogs.

    Myne Whitman
  19. Great idea. Will be following closely.

    I’m wondering, though, if it’s wise to refer to your partners as “collaborators.” :)

    Edwin Okong'o aka Our Man in America
  20. abso-lute-ly fan-fantastic …..

    Tony Mochama, aka Smitta Smitten
  21. What an ambitious and timely project! Two players too many for a team,
    however, so I’m assuming someone will coach and someone will meta-cover the
    writers’ “game.”

    Terese Svoboda