Nimco Mahamud Hassan

Nimco Mahumud-Hassan was born in Hargeisa, Somalia. She moved to Alexandria, Egypt, at the age of twelve and from there to London, where she obtained an education at Lewisham College and the School of Oriental and African Studies. She worked at the Race Equality Unity where she translated a manual for child development into Somali. Nimco has published articles in the Weekly Journal, New African, Index on Censorship, Bidoun and Transition. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Nimco Mahamud Hassan will travel to Khartoum

No  African country rouses deeper passions than Sudan — a country with more and older pyramids than Egypt, that can claim to be the true birthplace of the Nile’s civilizations, and which has still not resolved the dilemma of its national identity. Is it an Arab or an African nation, or something of both? Sudanese are famous for their hospitality and graciousness, but their country has become a byword for suffering and atrocity. What keeps the Sudanese together? Perhaps their love of the same music and the same cuisine.

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